Protection & Extras

330 Cars can provide a level of care and flexibility not possible at larger rental agencies. We offer a suite of upgrades and protection plans to suite your travel needs at a fair price. Don't have time to pick up your car? We'll bring it to you. Worried about collisions? We have several levels of insurance protection for you and your approved additional drivers.

Here are a few of our protection and extras packages. You can apply them to your reservation as you book, or add them to your trip when you pick up your car:

  • Full car & driver collision coverage
  • Supplemental driver coverage
  • Gasoline prepay
  • Pre-rental car drop-off
  • Post-rental car pickup

Pickup and drop-off

We offer car delivery services to your home or the nearest airport. Use of these services requires that you prepay by phone before your scheduled trip start. If you select one of these extras, we will call you 24 hours in advance to get your payment confirmation and schedule a time and place for pickup and drop-off.

Close-up of the grills of a row of cars.

Upgrade to worry-free travel

All of our trips meet Ohio insurance requirements, but our deluxe protection packages feature full collision and medical coverage so that you can travel with complete peace of mind.

Gasoline prepay

Prepay for gasoline to save time returning your vehicle. Our gasoline prices are calculated using local prices at time of pickup, and avoid any fees associated with returning a car without the required tank level.