Privacy Policy


1. Scope

  • This policy covers the information We obtain from you in connection with Our vehicle rental and other associated businesses, which identifies you as an individual.
  • This policy does not cover information that cannot be used to identify you as an individual.

2. Information We collect (what & how)

  • We, Our advertisers, licensees, business partners, and discount sponsors may collect information from you in a multitude of ways, including, but not limited to, phone calls, customer service contacts, mobile apps, websites, and other sources.
  • We collect information from customers during the process of reservation and rental transactions, such as name, address, and payment card information.
  • Personal data to provide you with exceptional rental services, including, but not limited to;
    • Name, phone number, address, date of birth
    • Driver’s license or other forms of identification
    • Pictures and facial scans, some of which may be considered biometric data under applicable laws
    • Credit worthiness or other background information

3. Purposes for processing

  • Information you provide will be used to provide you with the services you request.
  • We will use the contact information you provide to communicate with you.
  • We use “cookies” and other electronic tools to collect statistical information about your use of Our websites. This information is used for research and other reasons, generally to better help Our customers by showing Us how We can improve Our websites.
  • We do use personal information for Our own analytical purposes.

3.1 3rd Party Disclosures

  • We may provide your information to designated third-party service providers, rental discount sponsors you utilize, Our licensees, and other entities.
  • We may sell or otherwise monetize your information to unrelated third parties where permitted by law.
  • We may share your information for marketing purposes to those with which We have an agreement to do joint advertising, subject to your consent.

3.2 International Transfers

  • Your information may be transferred out of your country or region of residence to countries such as the United States for processing and storage.
  • Your information may be transferred out of your country or region of residence upon your instruction.